The Dashboard: an overview

Your site/sites 

After the registration and after the log in, you will see the Dashboard: this is the area where you can have an overview of your sites, enter in each of them and create a new one anytime. 


In the Dashboard you can see your site (or your sites) and on each one you will have a recap of the views and of the connected social networks.

Clicking on the site, you get access to manage content and settings

In the Dashboard you can also create a new site. To do so, you just need to click on the Create a New Site button, as in the image below.





In your Dashboard you can also see your notifications, clicking on the bell icon. 


You will receive notifications on Swite, for example, if there is content that is pending your approval in the Content Manager. 

The Account area

From the Dashboard you can access to your Account area, by clicking on the small man icon. 


Here you can enter your Account Settings, where you can change your account information, or manage your domains. Here you can also see our Tutorial, read our Guides or contact our Assistance; send us a Feedback and read our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions

Here you can also click on the Log Out button if you want to log out from Swite.

For more details about the account area, read our guide here