Account Settings

Swite Account Settings can configure personal account preferences. Here are the details for a correct use:

Once you have logged in to Swite, as indicated in this article, on the navigation bar click on the avatar icon than on Account Settings.




Account Information
Here you can find general information of the account with the ability to customize some preferences, such as:
-First Name:  indicate the name of the site administrator;

-Last Name: indicate the surname of the site administrator
-Email Address: indicate an email address. The same that Swite will use for important communications related to your site;
-Account language: change the language of the account. This choice will have an impact on the interface language. The language of the site can be changed from Site Settings;

 enable or not the receipt of newsletters;
 enable or not the receipt of newsletters;

-Mailing List Preferences: here you can manage your mailing list subscription;