Site Settings

In the Site Settings page you can choose different details about your site:

  • you can choose the Site Adress, that is the url for the third level domain on Swite (i.e.
  • you can set the Site Language, choosing between Italian or English (plase note that this setting does not change the language of the content imported)
  • you can choose the Contact Form Email, that is the email address where you will receive the messages sent via the contact form on your site
  • you can change the Icon (called Favicon) thet you see in the browser when visiting a site 
  • if you have a Plus or a Premium plan, you can choose to connect Google Analytics to your site by entering the Google Analytics Tracking ID 
  • here in the end you can choose to delete your site (by clicking on Delete Site) or to remove it from your account (by clicking on Remove From My Account) if your site is shared with other Swite users through a Facebook Page 


These are the basic settings for your site. 

But from this page you can also find two sections more: 

  • the Legal one, where you can upload your privacy policy and, if you have a Plus or a Premium plan, you can edit the cookie banner
  • the one dedicated to Search Engines, where you can edit the site settings for Google and other search engines. Read ore guide for more details about this section