Site Settings

Here you can learn how to configure the general parameters of your Site, increase visibility or delete your site. 

Go to the Site Settings:


Site settings

This section summarizes the general information of the site with the possibility to customize some preferences, such as:

-SITE ADDRESS: customize the address (URL) by modifying the final part;
-SITE LANGUAGE: change the language of the site. The content imported from the social media and the customized text on the platform will remain in the language in which it was written.
-ICON: upload a personal icon (favicon) that is used by web browsers in the address bar, in the favorites menu or in the card to represent the site.

Privacy and Cookies 

From here you can upload your own Privacy Policy on the footer of your website. For Premium accounts, there will be also the possibility to upload Cookie policy and personalize the cookie banner.


Tools to increase the volume of site traffic are available from this area. 

-SITE NAME: the name that appears on the bar in a browser and on search engines. We recommend using a short name;
-SITE DESCRIPTION: this is the description that appears in search engines. We recommend a text shorter than 160 characters:

-KEYWORDS: in the field indicated enter keywords that best describe the content of the website. 

 -MAKE MY SITE VISIBLE ON SEARCH ENGINES: If this function is inactive, the site will not be accessible by search engines.