The Events section

The events section shows on your site the events imported from your Facebook Page or your Facebook Profile.

Facebook's decision to limit the access to the events

In april 2018 Facebook decided to limit ti access to the events on Facebook Pages.

Since then, the events from Facebook Pages are not available anymore on Swite; while you can still import the events from your Facebook Profile.

On sites where this sections was already enabled and connected to a Facebook Page, events created after april 2018 may not be available to be imported.

While on sites where this section was not enabled, you can enabled it only if you have a Facebook Profile with events information in your social networks.

If your site is not connected to a Facebook Profile, or your Facebook Profile has not events information available, you will see the following message on Swite trying to activate the events section: 


Unfortunately this is a decision taken by Facebook and at the moment there are no updates from them on this issue.