The Contact me section

The Contact me section is available on all the themes, both Personal and Business, and it allows you to have a contact form on your site, so that anyone can send you a message. 

Here you can see a preview of the section. 


If you enable this section, people visiting your site will be able to contact you using the contact form. You will receive their messages to your email. You can decide which email address: in Site Settings there is a tag, called Contact Form Email, and it's here that you can write the email address where you want to receive the messages on your site.


For more information about this feature, read our guide here.

Remember that using this contact form has nothing to so with subscribing to a mailing list, it just allows to send a message, your email address won't be displayed here and the email address of pople writing to you won't be stored by Swite.

If you receive any messages, you'll be able to answer directly from your email.