How can I improve my search engines positioning?

Search engines positioning is a complex subject, conditioned by many different factors, as for example:

  • the address of your site (domain/URL)
  • the name, the description and the keywords you choose 
  • the content of your site 
  • the links pointing to your site in other websites
  • the traffic to your site 

None of these factors, alone, can guarantee a good search engine positioning.  

What you can do is try to work on these factors to optimize your positiong (work on your SEO). 

Here you can find a few suggestions to start. 

Site settings for search engines

First of all, directly on Swite you can set the name, the description and the keywords for you site. You can do it by going on Site Settings in the Search Engines section. 


With these settings you will give to search engines the information they need to index your site.

If you would like to check wheter your site has been indexed by Google, you can do this by following the instructions here


Other things that you can do to improve SEO

Link building

The links pointing to your site are an important factor for its search engines positioning, together with the traffic

Just remember that it's not all about the quantity of links pointing to your site but also the quality of them. If the sites that contain links to your website are considered reliable, then this could improve your positioning. But if these sites are considered unreliable, this could negatively affect your positioning. 


Don't abandon your site

To conclude, remember to not abandon your site.

Keep it updated with the content from your social networks, and from time to time remember to check if the automatic updates are active for your social networks. 

A website with updated content has more possibilities to acquire a good reputation and so to acquire a better search engine positioning.