How it works

Swite creates a website with the posts, photos and videos from your social networks.

Just choose which social network you would like to import your content from, choose a theme and your website is ready. 



Start by choosing a social network from which to import the content, then you can then decide to connect other social networks. All the contents you have shared publicly with friends as photos, videos, status, reviews, events will be imported into your website.


Initially, during the creation of your site, you had to choose a theme. You can always decide to change it later. Now you can customize the color of your site, add new sections and change the order of those, and many other details.


Often there are contents that we have on social networks and we do not want on our site. Swite allows you to decide which content hide and which show. You can also set which type of content will be updated automatically and from which social media.



When you publish something on a social media, the site will be automatically updated with the new photo, video or status you've posted.