I can't find my website on Google, what should I do?

When you create a site with Swite, it will be automatically indexed on Google. This needs time, usually one or two days, so don't worry if you can't find your site immediately.


To check if your website is indexed, just search on Google:


If you can see your website in the search results, it means that it is correctly indexed. Now everybody can search your site in Google.

Just remember that being on the top of the Google search results needs time and efforts.

You can start with these hints:

  1. Check that the name, the description and the keywords choosen for your site on Swite, in Site Settings, Search Engines, are appropiately describing what your potential customers are looking for on Google (if you change these settings, it could take weeks before the changes are reflected)
  2. Insert the link to your site on your social networks, in the footer of your emails, on other websites from your friends or partners in order to have more traffic on your site
  3. Keep your site updated with the latest content published on your social networks

For more details about search engines positioning, read our guide here.