Which social networks you can connect

During the creation of the site you have connected one social network.

Initially you can choose only one between Facebook (Profilo or Page), Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.


If you connect a Facebook Page, you will need to autohorize the access to the content and the information of the Page through your Profile (you need to be an administrator of the Page). Don't worry, we won't import any content from your Profile.

Afetr the registration and after creating your site, you will be able to connect other social networks to your site. To do so, just go on the Social Networks page in your site. 


Clicking on the Connect button will open a window where you can log in to the social and allow Swite to import the content. 

Remember that for each social it is possible to connect one account only.

You can connect only one Facebook Profile and one Facebook Page to the same site, only one Twitter account, one Instagram account and one Youtube account. 

So, for example, if you manage multiple Facebook Pages, you can connect one page per site.

Then if you want, from your Dashboard you can easily create a new site anytime, connecting other social networks.