Social Networks: how to connect or disconnect a social network

After your registration to Swite - when you chose to connect one social network between Facebook (Profile or Page), Instagram, Twitter or Youtube - you can always decide to connect another social or to disconnect it

To do so, you just need to enter your Dashboard, click on your site and then on the Social Networks page.

Remember that Swite will import the content on your site depending on which social networks you have connected.

Connect the social networks to your site

To connect more social networks to your site you just need to go to the Social Networks page and click Connect on the social that you want to add.


If you are already logged in, in the social network you chose and with the computer or the mobile device your are using, your account will be recognized automatically. If you are not logged in, what you will see next is the log in page for the social network you selected.

If you are already logged in, but you would like to use another account, remember to log out from the social network and log in again with the correct account that you want to connect. 

Remember that for each site on Swite you can connect all the social networks available (Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) but just one account for each social

Disconnect the social networks from your site

If you want to disconnect a social network from your site, in the Social Networks page open the drop-down menu under the social you want to disconnect and click on the Disconnect button. 


If you disconnect a social network, all the content form that social will be deleted

If you have only one social network connected to your site and you disconnect it, your site will be deleted.