Statics sections: What I offer, About us, Partners, What's new

The static sections are the ones that allows you to upload customized content on your site, without being linked to a social network. 

So these sections do not change if you post something on your social networks, and at the same time using these sections won't affect in any way your social netwotks accounts.  

These are the static sections that you will find on your site: 

  • What I offer: a good model to list services
  • About us: a good model to have an overview of a team
  • Partners: a section thought to list your partners uploading their logo with a link
  • What's new: a section thought to highlight an information, with some text and a picture

To enable these sections enter in your site, click on Site Editor and then on Sections: you will see a menu with all the sections available; by clicking on the eye icon (the grey one) you'll be able to change the section status and enable it (the eye icon will become yellow).

Here you can see a preview of each of these sections:





As for all the other sections, once these are enabled, you can move them anywhere you want by changing their position in the sections menu.

When you are making changes to these sections on your site, always remember to click on the Save button.