How to create a website with Swite?

The first step to create a website with Swite requires registration to the site, just follow the instructions below::

• Access to the Login interface using the address:

• Click on Register located at the top right of the page

Follow the steps to complete the registration:

• Step1: choose the social network;

• Step 2: choose the theme to use;

• Step 3: choose the name and confirm the email address.


1.Choose the social network
Choose which Social Network you want to import content from:



Each Social will open its login screen by requesting the relevant Account Data.

If you choose to create your Swite with Facebook you can choose whether to connect your private profile or one of your Facebook pages.


2. Choose the theme to use


 Themes are cataloged in two profiles, both share a lot of information, but they have small differences that make them unique:

PERSONAL: create for those who run a professional activity (training, work experience and skills, etc.);

BUSINESS: particularly suitable for those who intend to promote their company (schedule, contacts and services and more ...)



For each theme you can see the preview and choose the color pattern to customize the style, then just click on "Choose theme":


3. Choose the name and confirm your email 

1. SITE ADDRESS: insert the name of your URL, ex:

2. EMAIL: insert your email, here you will receive all the important communications from Swite;


Swite è un sito web responsive
Le operazioni mostrate nel presente articolo possono essere eseguite anche da dispositivi mobile.