Why is my site not updated with the latest content from my social networks?

There may be several reasons why new content uploaded on social networks is not updated on your site too.

  1. The content is not updated because it has not yet been imported on Swite
  2. The content is in Pending
  3. The authorization to automatic updates has expired for the social
  4. The content is not imported because the original post belongs to someone else (you shared someone else's post)

1. The content is not updated because it has not yet been imported on Swite

Updates take place every hour for Plus and Premium users, once a day for other users.

If you want the site to be updated immediately you just need to go to the Content Manager and click on the Update button. 


2. The content is in Pending

If the content is not published on the site it may be on the Pending section of the Content Manager.

Here you can always decide to display or hide the content. 



3. The authorization for the automatic updates has expired

The expiry of the authorization can be caused by several factors:

• Expiry time: it does not have a pre-established duration, the authorization can expire at any time if not used
• Password change: the authorization is linked to the old password; once changed, it is necessary to log in again
• Expired authorization: the authorization can expire without a specific cause
• Request limit exceeded: this happens if the user has exceeded the request limit for permissions

Don't worry, reactivating the updates is easy: just go to the Social Networks page and click on the Reauthorize button below the social networkfor which the authorization has expired.