Which are the differences between Personal and Business themes?

You can see all the thmes and choose to change the one you have for your site by going in Site Editor and then on Themes

Then you'll see a window where you'll be able to choose between Personal or Business themes. 


Business themes are designed to help you build a website for your business, so for example if you want to show your services, opening hours, your team and your partners.

In Business themes you can find some sections that are not available in the Personal ones, for example:

  • The Info section

A section where you can give an overview of your business, with your address, your phone number, your email and services.


  • The about us section

Where you can add a photo, names and descriptions of your team.


  • The partners section

Where you can add a logo and a link for your partners.


  • The reviews section

Where you can show the reviews and the recommendations from your Facebook Page.


  • The My Contacts section

Where you can show your address on Google Maps.