Swite 2.0 on your Computer

On your computer, Swite 2.0 looks a little different but still has all the features that you previously knew, plus a few more.

On your desktop or laptop, we’ve move the navigation from the multi-level sidebar into a single header. Just like on the mobile version, our goal was to make everything accessible in just a few clicks.

The upper level of the header lets you move around the information that is connected to your account, including your Dashboard, navigate between sites, go to account area or see any notifications.


Once you select a site, a second level will appear with the different site management pages:

  • The Site Preview shows how your site will appear to the public.  
  • The Content Manager is where you can display or hide the posts, photos, videos, reviews and events that have already been imported.
  • In Social Networks, you can connect and disconnect your different accounts and set the rules for automatic updates in the future.
  • Share gives you a few ways to spread the word about your site in just a few clicks.
  • Statistics provides an overview of your content, the actions you have performed, and the views you’ve received.
  • In Site Settings you can manage how your site appears in web browsers and on search engines.   


The Site Editor behaves just as it does on a mobile device, opening in it’s own area and having features that affect the entire site organized at the top.


We hope that you enjoy the new design. Use the feedback form to send us any thoughts on the new Interface of product as a whole.

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