Navigation from your mobile

Swite 2.0 has been built around your mobile phone or tablet and everything that you can do from your desktop computer you can also do from the web browser on your mobile device.

Swite has always created mobile friendly websites. Now, the user interface has also been designed around your mobile and you can do everything from your phone or tablet. In particular, Swite has been optimized for the Chrome web browser on Android and for Safari on an iPhone or iPad.



Navigation on mobile devices with the new sidebar

For mobile devices, we’ve put all of the navigation into one single sidebar. You can get to your Dashboard, change between site, access to your Account area, and move between your Site Preview, Content Manager, Site Settings, etc to manage your site.


After navigating to a new page, the sidebar will completely collapse to give you more space. You can open the sidebar by clicking on the Hamburger_Icon.PNG symbol on the top left of the menu.

The Site Editor will open in it’s own area. Features that apply to the entire site (such as changing Themes, changing the Style, reordering the Sections or editing the section names that appear in the menu) are on the top of the Site Editor. Features relevant to a specific section or text area (such as which from which social network we get the content from) become available when you click on that section or text area.


After making and saving changes, you will always return to the Site Preview to see what your site looks like after the changes you’ve made.

Maintaining your site with a few clicks

Maintaining your site with Swite takes very little effort because we automatically update it with new content from your social networks.

When you do need to do something, it’s usually approving a piece of content that is Pending your approval in the Content Manager or reauthorizing our permission to import your content on the Social Networks page. These actions are ideal to do on a mobile phone and can be done with a few clicks.


Create a new site, also with a few clicks.

Creating a second site is easy from a mobile phone. From the Dashboard, click on the button “Create New Site”. Select a social network. Select the theme you’d like to use. Confirm the name. And you’ve created a website in just a few clicks.  

(Note: We have to use the accounts or profiles that are already set on your mobile phone or tablet. If you have multiple Twitter or Instagram accounts, changing the account must be done through the apps or your operating system.)

Personalizing your site

We’ve fine-tuned the Site Editor to work with touch screens, including changing Themes or rearranging the order of Sections on your site.

The small keyboard on a mobile phone obviously not ideal for writing long pieces of custom content. Nonetheless, we’ve made all editable text, such as your name or the titles of sections, available from mobile devices. If you’ve added custom content such as team profiles in the “About Us” section or a description of products or services in the “What I Offer” section, you can also edit these from a mobile device.


We hope that the mobile features make it even easier to manager your site and the you enjoy the new design. Use the feedback form to send us any thoughts on the new Interface of product as a whole.