Automatic updates settings

From Social Networks page you can manage the future updates settings and connect or disconnect a social. 

You can set the rules for which type of content to be updated and published automatically and which content you want to keep hidden.


For example: using Instagram as the main social for photos, often also shared on Facebook, you can decide to automatically publish on the site the photos from Instagram and keep those on Facebook hidden. This method is useful for not having duplicates.


Open the drop-down menu that shows all the contents (Photos, Events, Videos, Posts, Reviews, etc. ..) imported from that social, and choose which type of content to show automatically or not.

-Yellow eye: content automatically display on;
-Grey eye:  content automatically display off;


Sometimes contents are not automatically published and you can find them under Pending on Content Manager page. This is because they respect the privacy settings of the social in question. Read more..