Editing the sections: an overview

To edit the sections in your site you just need to click on Site Editor and then on Sections

You will see a menu with all of your sections listed:

  • with the grey-eye icon for the ones that are disabled
  • with the yellow-eye icon for the ones that are enabled

To enable or disable a section, just click on the eye icon that will change its color. 


Change the sections name and the menu on your site

All the sections on your site have a default name. If you want, you can change it. 

To do so, just click on Site Editor, then on Sections and in the end on the one you want to edit (the section has to be enabled). You will automatically see the section on your site and you'll just need to click on the yellow box containing the text to edit it. Once you have changed it, remember to click on the Save button. 


Doing this you are changing the text on the section on your site, but you are not changing the section name in the menu (both the sections' menu and the general menu on the site). 

If you want to change also the text on the menu you just need to go in Sections and click on the pencil icon next to the section name you want to edit. 


Doing this, the name of the section won't change on the site, but it will change:

  • in the sections' menu
  • in the general menu on the site, as shown in the image above

Editing the sections

When you are editing a section you can choose to change the text format, add a link or hide some elements of that section without disabling it. 

To do so just click on Site Editor, then on Sections and in the end go to the section you want to edit. By clicking on it you will see an editor where you'll be able to make some changes or add a link. 


Here, above the section, you will also see other icons:

  • the pencil icon, indicating that the section has been customized; you can click on it to decide to change it again with the content imported from your social networks 
  • the eye icon, that allows you to hide a single widget in the section 

To confirm the changes here you'll have to click on the V icon and then on the Save button.


Change the position of the sections

Another thing that you can do on your site is changing the order of the sections: doing this will change the position of the section in the menu but also on your site. 

To do so, just click and hold on the icon 4.png, then you'll be able to move it where you want. 



Remember, as shown above, to click on Save if you want to save the changes.