Dashboard- Manage multiple sites

Among the different features, Swite allows you to create multiple sites with the same account and connect to each a Social Network profile.

After registering the account and the first access, the Dashboard is now available: a minimal work area from which you can access the overview of all the sites already created and the function that allows you to add new ones.

To access to the Dashboard just log in to Swite as indicated in the previous article.


main functions:

1. Overview of your sites. To edit the contents, just click on the site you want to manage;
2. Notifications: on the left of the navigation bar, it's a reminder about the content to be approved. By selecting the message received you have direct access to the Content Manager 

3. Vies: the total visits received for each site. This counter can show the progressive number of visitors:

4. Create a new site: allows you to create a site from scratch. 

In case of an error message: "The account is already connected to another site and can only be used once."
This message indicates that it is not possible to create a new site with a social account already connected. 


Swite is a responsive website
The operations shown in this article can also be performed on mobile devices.