Content Manager

From Content Manager, you can manage photos, posts, videos, events and reviews imported on the site, and manage multiple items at once using filters that allow you to publish or hide content.

Sometimes there will be some Pending contents before being published, respecting the privacy options set on the connected social networks.


Activate / deactivate a filter

To activate one of the available filters, you need to open the drop-down menu and select the type of social, content or period of which you want to view the possible elements to be shared:

Once the filter is active, just click the icon next to it to deactivate it.


Posts activity

A control panel will show the status of your imported contents:

-Pending: number of contents to be approved;
-Displayed: number of contents already published;
-Not displayed: number of contents hidden;
-All: total number of contents imported.

For each content you can check the following info:


Publish in a different section

If you had published a picture but you want to highlight the caption you can choose to move it in Thoughts section or the other way around.


Show/hide contents
All contents (photos, posts, events, videos, etc. ..) imported on your site, can be hidden or published:

1. Hide this content: click to hide 11.png 
2. Display this content: click to display 12.png 


If you posted something on social and you don't see it yet on your website you can update it immediatelly by clicking the Update button at the top right of Content Manager page.