How can I reauthorize the automatic updates?

Once you have registered an account, you automatically authorize Swite to update the site according to your settings. For security reasons and Swite user's privacy, this authorization expires periodically, and the duration is controlled by the social network.

With an expired authorization, Swite can't continue to update your site.

When the authorization expires you will receive an email, and also a notification on your Panel.

To authorize the updates again: just go on the Social Networks page and click on the Reauthorize button below the social for which the authorization has expired. token_scaduto_en.PNG

The expiry of the authorization can be caused by several factors:

• Expiry time: it does not have a pre-established duration, the authorization can expire at any time if not used;
• Password change: the authorization is linked to the old password; once changed, it is necessary to log in again;
• Expired authorization: the authorization can expire without a specific cause;
• Request limit exceeded: this happens if the user has exceeded the request limit for permissions.