How to manage your site: an overview

You can access your site/sites anytime from your Dashboard. To enter your site, just click on it and then you will have access to the following pages:

  • Site Preview
  • Content Manager
  • Social Networks
  • Share
  • Stats 
  • Site Settings
  • Site Editor

Here's how you can do it from your computer: 



And from your smartphone: 


Let's see a detail of every page on your site. 

Site Preview

By clicking on Site Preview, you can see the preview of your site and the changes that you saved. This is the best way to understand how users see your site.

Content Manager 

The Content Manager page is one of the most important to manage your site. Here you can view all the content that has been imported on Swite from your social networks.

Here you can also choose what to hide and what to publish.

Social Networks

In Social Networks you can check which social networks are connected to your site and if you want you can add new socials. 

Here you can also choose to disconnect your social networks, and manage which type of content can be displayed automatically on your site. 


Going on the Share page, you can share your site on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. And you can also choose to insert the link to your site in your Twitter bio.


By clicking on Stats, you can see data about your site, so how many visits it received, the changes you made and the updates completed.

Site Settings 

In the Site Settings page you can choose your Site Address, so the url for your site when it is displayed as, then the Site Language and the favicon, the Icon that is diplayed in the browser when visiting your site. Here you can also choosethe Contact Form Email and if you have a Premium or Plus site you can decide to connect your site to Google Analytics by adding your ID. 

In this page you can also choose to delete your site o remove it from your account (if your site is shared with other Swite users).

From Site Settings you can also go to the Legal and to the Search Engines sections. 

Site Editor

By clicking on Site Editor you will be able to edit your site, changing the Themes, the Style or the Sections.  

By clicking on Sections you will be able to change the labels on your site's menu, the sections position and you will be able to activate new sections.

If you want to edit the text in a section, or hide an element, you can directly do this by clicking on Site Editor and going on the section that you want to change. 

For more details, please read our guide dedicated to the changes you can make to your site