How to access to your Swite

You can access to Swite from a computer or any mobile device. Just connect to the site and log in by entering the required data.


To log in, you must choose the same social you used to create your account. So if you used Facebook, click on Facebook to access your Swite again.


You will not be asked to enter social data if:

• During the last use, it was not disconnected before leaving the device;

• If you are already connected to a Social, Swite recognizes the profile. To use another account, just log out from the social network.

You will be asked to enter your social account information, as shown in the following step, if:

• you access from a different device;

• Disconnected before leaving the device during the last use.

If this happens, for each of the chosen Social it will be open your login screen requesting the reference account data. 


Having trouble accessing in Swite?

In case of problems accessing in Swite, the following are examples of probable causes that can prevent authentication to your site. The user may encounter problems of access, in case of:

Account not found

In case of "Account not found", it means that you must log in with a social account already connected to Swite.

Example: if Swite was created with Twitter and you are logged in with Facebook, the system will not recognize the credentials, and Swite will respond with an error message.

To avoid this problem: 

1. Make sure you're using the correct social credentials;
2. If you have already logged in on social from the same device used to connect to Swite, this will be recognized automatically and the system will not require login and password again;
3. Using multiple different Social accounts (For example a personal account and another related to the professional activity), make sure you are logged in with an account already connected to Swite. If the problem persists try to log out and log in.

Forgotten Password

In case of forgotten password, it is necessary to restore it or recover it following the procedure provided by the Social Network that is being used for access (and which is already registered on Swite).